It is with a heavy heart that Broughton parish councillors have to report the outcome of the application for the development of the former Golden Ball/Touch of Spice site, at Broughton crossroads.

Yesterday, Preston City Council held a virtual planning meeting at which this and many other planning applications were considered. The Parish Council were opposed to this planning application on the grounds that it is an overbearing overdevelopment of the site comprising of two three-story blocks, containing 52 apartments some with balconies. There was very strong support from the local community (over 200 responses) against this application, and robust objections were heard from Peter Bell of Downing Court, Pat Hastings from Broughton Parish Council and City Councillor Ron Woolam.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the residents of Broughton and the Parish Council, the Planning Committee voted 5/4 to approve the application. It is so saddening to have lost this battle by the narrowest of margins.

The Parish Council will continue to reach out to the developers, in the hope that we can represent the local community and influence the development as it progresses. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped out with the objections.

More information about the application and decision.