The following statement was made by Broughton Parish Council to the Lancashire County Council Community Development Committee on 25th June 2015.

This statement is made in opposition to the proposed route through Broughton to the Roseacre site for the Quadrilla exploration.

The Parish Council has, alongside all our other work representing the community and trying to improve the quality of life in the parish, fought for over 30 years to bring an end to the misery of traffic, congestion, pollution and environmental issues in the village.

We have been consistent in our position that until a full village bypass is constructed no issues that add to the traffic should be permitted in Broughton. This proposal clearly adds to those problems which would not diminish significantly when the bypass has been constructed, as Woodplumpton Lane would continue to carry the main burden of this traffic.

The roads through the village carry over 20,000 vehicles a day and long traffic queues are common all around the village. The local environment suffers, the accident rate is high and the area is dangerous, especially for the many children and older people that pass through the village. Scientific research shows that children and older people who are exposed to high levels of traffic related pollution such as that in Broughton have a significantly increased risk of developing asthma, serious breathing and heart problems.

Broughton is the most polluted area of the City and Preston City Council has declared an Air Quality Management Area. The pollution is an invisible public health crisis for the village that is harming many of the most vulnerable people who live, work, play and study here.

Older people and the disabled currently have difficulty accessing the village amenities such as the Broughton & District Club or taking part in village life due to the high volumes of traffic, pollution and congestion in the village centre will be made much worse by this route.

The proposed route takes the heavy articulated long vehicles through the village along the A6/Garstang Road and then left and along the B5269/Woodplumpton Lane.

This route passes houses on both sides of the A6 & B5269 and has to negotiate narrow roads made narrower by cars parked by the schools users and local residents.

Hundreds of children ranging in age from toddlers to teenagers, those attending the pre-school on King George’s field and the young people spilling onto the roads whilst getting on and off buses, who attend the High School, negotiate the same congestion, pollution, noise and dangers as the adults.

Children attending the pre-school and primary school walking along the route in a “walking bus” would have to contend with increased pollution and congestion if this route is used.

The ‘Guild Wheel’ cycling route along the A6 which has been an enormous success. However its users would have to endure these conditions if this route goes ahead.

There is a difficult junction at the Broughton crossroads. This has a 90* left turn at a narrow junction which long articulated vehicles have to negotiate through a series of manoeuvres causing further delay to the main road traffic.

The route then passes through to further two 90* narrow bends, one at the back exit to the school and the second at the sheltered housing.

The bus stop near the second bend has regular problems with the buses mounting the pavement and trucks unable to pass in parallel. Bollards have been put in place to reduce this issue but the vehicles now mount the pavement on the other side.

The route continues through residential housing where pavements are narrow and none existent on one side to the railway bridge which until recently had a weight limit on.

At this point the route leaves the parish of Broughton.

We object on 4 issues:

  • The addition of a substantial number of trucks on a highly unsuitable route

  • The increase in pollution due to standing traffic and congestion by the addition of these trucks in an area already subject to an Air Quality Order

  • The proximity of 2 schools, a pre-school and sheltered accommodation to the route and the increased congestion and safety issues relating to this

  • The narrowness of the main A6 junction and the 2 difficult bends on Woodplumpton Lane

Broughton Parish Council opposes this planning application due to all these factors and we would strongly appeal to the County Council to reject the route to Roseacre through Broughton as it will exacerbate the current problems in the village.