A Communication from Broughton Parish Council: Place of Worship Development

Broughton Parish Council is very happy that the Government has supported our request, on behalf of our parishioners, to 'call in' the unbalanced planning decision that PCC made in favour of the Mosque development in our parish. This reflects the Parish Council's concerns, those of the local City Councillors and also that of our local MP, that the correct planning processes had not been followed.

PCC itself acknowledged that national, Lancashire and Preston and local planning policies are being broken or overridden in favour of a huge overdevelopment on a completely unsuitable site at D'Urton Lane.

We welcome the opportunity to have an impartial review of the application, and we hope that the weight of local opinion against this application is finally recognised and acknowledged.

Broughton with Amounderness Parish Council is opposed to the proposed Place of Worship development at Durton Lane due to material planning considerations, including harm to open countryside. The Parish Council is committed to bringing about future development in accordance with its adopted Neighbourhood Plan, which progressed over several years with the consensus of the local community. The Parish Council’s view is that the proposal is not in accordance with this Neighbourhood Plan, or indeed policies at the national and local levels. Rather than being built speculatively, an important place of worship development such as this should come through a more strategic local plan process with a proper approach to site identification.

The details of this proposed plan can be found at: https//:selfservice.preston.gov.uk/service/planning/ApplicationSearch.aspx. Input case number 06/2021/0431 to view the documentation.

Anyone wishing to make a representation from the Parish, or to add commentary to the inspectorate can do so at: Reference: APP/N2345/V/22/3296374 (planninginspectorate.gov.uk)