There has to be a lot of work done behind the scenes to enable the preparation of a bid to the Lottery. All work to date has been agreed with Diane Vaughan at Preston City Council as this is a listed site.

This is a summary of where we are up to.

  • James O’Flaherty of Uclan came to see the site and advise us, the initial step was to clear the site then he will get students to map it for us properly..
  • We then have had a local firm (Hawthorne Estates) that are specialists in dry stone walling and renovation give us an idea what needs to be done with the site. They have presented a clear set of ideas which we will eventually get costed which include improving the picnic area to the east and offering opportunities for the community and school to be involved in the renovation
  • The Pinfold has been cleared by Treeco, and the tree encroaching on the south west corner removed.

The next stage is to get the site mapped and prepare the bid!