The Parish Council has agreed to begin the process of producing a Neighbourhood plan. A Neighbourhood plan will give Broughton power to shape its future development and growth.

It will allow residents to have a powerful influence in determining where new homes, shops, offices and community facilities should be built and what they should look like. Once 'made' it forms part of the statutory development plan and is used by the local planning authority in making decisions on planning applications.

The planning process, once it starts, will involve considerable consultation with Broughton residents because it is a plan which is shaped by the community and not the Parish Council. Further information will be published in the near future and events will be arranged for residents to attend and gain a greater understanding of the planning process.

To formally commence work on the Neighbourhood plan the Parish Council has applied to Preston City Council to get the Neighbourhood area designated. Preston City Council will then publicise the application for a 6 week consultation period. As soon as possible after this time Preston City Council will decide whether or not to designate the Neighbourhood area and publicise details of its decision.

The Parish Council has decided that the designated area for the Neighbourhood plan will be all land within the current parish boundaries.

As part of this work, the Parish Council will also be working in conservation status for 3 areas within the Parish. Initially, this will be the village centre, then the church/school and finally the Fernyhalgh/Ladyewell arera, in conjunction with Haighton Parish Council.

A formal consultation notice, with a map of the designated area can be viewed below.

Statement on Neighbourhood Plan by Broughton Parish Council

Broughton Parish council feel that this is the right time to produce a neighbourhood plan as:

  1. The Bypass work commences early in 2016 with completion in 2017
  2. As part of this Broughton is being consulted on draft village improvements to be done after completed under city deal to the existing Garstang Road after the Bypass is completed
  3. The NW Preston infrastructure has been agreed as part of the Preston Development plan
  4. The village will becomes once again a rural village with a significant reduction in through traffic
  5. The village residents and its broader community of businesses will be enabled to plan a village to meet their aspirations.

Broughton Parish Council has raised this proposed plan with the neighbouring parishes, at the recent Preston Area Committee.

Woodplumpton, Goosnargh and Whittingham are not proceeding with a plan at this point.  Barton was at this meeting and at a further meeting with the Chair, where practicalities of a joint plan were discussed.  At this time Broughton feels that working with 2 authorities (Preston & Wyre and Fylde) would present problems, but has agreed to keep in touch and support Barton with their own plan.

Haighton has not as a council discussed this issue, they like Barton welcome the information and a further meeting has been planned for next year.

The decision to include the whole of the Parish will link in with the developments already agreed as part of the NW Preston development zone, the areas of "seperation" as set out in the plan and the neglected area of Fernyhalgh.

As part of this work the Parish Council will also be working on conservation status for 3 areas within the parish. Initially this will be the village centre, then the Church/School and finally the Fernhalgh/Ladyewell area in conjunction with Haighton Parish Council.


Map of Parish Boundaries