Broughton Parish Council has been advised by Preston City Council that a letter submitted by Gladmans, a speculative land agent, challenges whether the rule 14 consultation had been completed fully by the Parish Council on the amended plan before submission to Preston City Council.

As the changes to the plan were only to RES1, this was seen as amending the plan and not a new submission. However the legal officer at the City Council does not want to send the amended plan to the Independent Examiner if it will be challenged legally later. As a result the Parish Council is now to have to complete a further Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation.

This is a disappointment to the Parish Council, especially as 2 other developers are appealing against the refusal of planning permission for large developments in the village; the inquiry will be held in February.

This is the formal Regulation 14 Consultation notification.

The Regulation 14 Pre-submission document & Appendices for the Neighbourhood Plan are available for viewing or downloading here.

Statutory consultees and other interested parties will be contacted by email. If you consider yourself or your organisation to be an interested party and have not received an email please contact the parish clerk.

Comments on the plan should be sent as per the emailed instructions that you have received, or by email or letter to the clerk.

This consultation will run for six weeks until 21st February 2018.

Following this the plan will be resubmitted to Preston City Council for a further 6 weeks consultation, meaning it will be early April 2018 before the amended plan goes to the Independent Examiner.