Broughton parish council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering group have spent the last 8 months talking to and consulting with people who live, work or play in the Village.

As a result of this process they are now moving onto the next stage, with a brochure outlining the key issues raised and how with the plan they will be addressed. This is being delivered to all residents in the Village over the next week.

The full draft plan and the consultation statement are available to view on this website by clicking here. Copies of these documents are also available at the garage north of the traffic lights, Sunningdale lounge, the Broughton club and at the St John Baptist church.

Parishioners are being asked to comment on the plan via the website or on the sheet in the back of the brochure. The hope is that people will express their support as well as add to the plan. Often people who agree do not respond to a consultation but in this case the Parish Council & Steering Group are asking as many people to respond as possible.

This part of the process also includes sending copies of the brochure to a wide range of interested bodies such as the homes & communities agency, the neighbouring parishes and the suppliers of services in the village and outside.

The closing date for comments is the 8th February, after which they will be considered before the plan goes to Preston City Council, who appoint an independent Examiner.

If the timescale planned can be achieved it is hoped to have a Village referendum in the summer before the plan is adopted.

The Parish Council is already working on the Parish Action Plan with the refurbishment of the Playground, talking to Preston City Council about the King George V playing fields and looking at the ways of integrating the residents of the new developments.