Levelling Up Fund Bid Survey

The government's Levelling Up agenda is designed to improve opportunities for people across the UK by investing in infrastructure that improves everyday life for people in their local areas.

The £4.8 billion fund will support a range of schemes across the UK and councils have been invited to submit bids for local transport projects.

The three themes identified for Lancashire's bid are:

Liveable Neighbourhoods

Liveable Neighbourhoods are streets and places that encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport - especially for short journeys. Changes to local streets, paths and open spaces are made to make travel easier between homes, jobs, shops and services.

Public Transport service improvements 

To improve public transport by introducing:

  • Real-time information at bus stops.
  • Giving priority to buses in traffic.
  • Hubs that help to make smooth changes between walking, cycling, buses and trains.

Active travel

To help people to walk and cycle for local trips, such as going to work or to the shop by making physical improvements to local routes, including safer and quieter off-road routes with more green space.

More information about the initial ideas and themes for the bid, as well as how to contribute to the survey, can be found at Lancashire's Levelling Up Fund Bid - Lancashire County Council.