Lancashire County Council is running a campaign to promote the good work of our highways maintenance service and encourage online participation in the NHT (National Highways and Transport) survey

Despite a challenging year, the county council's highway maintenance service still managed to fix 92% of potholes on time.

Winter is always a time when more potholes appear on our roads and pavements with a combination of cold and wet weather. A wet, stormy winter caused more potholes than usual this year (28% more than last year). This extra pressure was combined with lockdown, when staff were diverted onto other urgent work and only able to respond to safety-critical defects.

The team has been busy catching up and are now working to meet their target of fixing most potholes within our response time of 22 working days.

Lancashire County Council is responsible for 4,600 miles of highway. It's a massive task to maintain and the team focuses its efforts on priority routes and repairing more serious potholes.

They are asking for our help over the winter, through reporting potholes which meet our required levels for work via Report It on the LCC website. Please also tell them what you think by completing the 2020 online survey.

Learn more about the work of the Highways team at