Today a group of concerned parishioners met by zoom to discuss the application 06/2020/1144 for two three-storey buildings containing 52 affordable (rented) apartments for people aged over 55 (Class C3) with associated landscaping, car parking and new access off Woodplumpton Lane submitted by Community Gateway Association & Alum House.

Proposed Development view from the North, Garstang Road


The key concerns were around the height by the dangerous crossroads, the overdevelopment of this 0.8-hectare site and overbearing design of the buildings. These buildings have insufficient parking for the number of apartments, visitors and staff so will exacerbate the current local parking issues and safety of the school children.

The Parish Council has already as have others submitted their objections to Preston City Council and will ask that the planning committee visit the site before they make a decision.

In addition, it is suggested that people contact the city councillor (Cllr H Landless is on the planning committee), contact our MP and ask for the application to be called in Rt. Hon Ben Wallace MP, write to Prince Charles, as he holds strong views on good design, and encourage parishioners to attend the Planning Meeting when scheduled.

 Proposed Development Side Section Drawing

Proposed Development Side Section Drawing