The developments to the south of the motorway off Durton Lane/Eastway are part of the land allocated under the North West Preston Development Area (NWPDA). Currently, there are three main developments Story Homes (329), Charles Church (111) & just starting Wilmott Dixon (250). The second phase of the Story Homes added 29 homes and was one of the applications reviewed and agreed on the 13th February 2020.

In 2018 the developers of the site at Sandygate Lane (Watkins Jones) & Keyfold Farm (Wainhomes) at appeal were successful in overturning the refusal by Preston City Council of planning permission as Preston could not demonstrate a “5-year land supply”.(HLS) This ruling led to a rush of planning applications for the rural areas, in Goosnargh, Whittingham, Barton & Grimsargh.

In Broughton, the planning permission for the development behind at 126A Whittingham Lane/Almond Farm (Stuart Milne Homes, 40% in Broughton Parish the rest in Whittingham Parish) was one of the ones allowed after this ruling. This site is in 2 phases one submitted in 2017 and one in 2018. The initial one was accepted and is the one that is currently being developed; the 2nd phase was initially accepted even though Broughton’s Neighbourhood Development Plan had been adopted with this site, not a designated one, however, after a request to the DHCLG by the MP Ben Wallace this was “called in”.

In September 2018 a revised NPPF as published and a new “formulae” for calculating the HLS was included. At this time Preston, Chorley & South Ribble started working on a new Central Lancashire Core Strategy. As part of this work, the three authorities starting working on a revised “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) which specifics the number of new dwellings that they expect to be completed in their respective areas and overall over the next 5 years. This revised MoU strategy was agreed the autumn of 2019 and a subsequent appeal upheld these figures. As a result, Preston recalculated its HLS and come to the conclusion that it did have a 5-year HLS. Subsequently, all the major applications made between the revised NPPF and the appeal decision (many of which had been called in by the DHCLG) were resubmitted to the planning committee on the 13th February 2020, with over half having revised recommendations. One of these was the 2nd phase of the Whittingham Lane Development which was refused.

So, the current major (over 10 dwellings) developments in Broughton (excluding the NWPDA) are:

  • 126A Whittingham Lane phase 1 >Stuart Milne Homes, access and 40% of the homes are in Broughton Parish approximately 35 houses
  • Keyfold Farm, Garstang Road 125 houses >Wainhomes
  • Sandygate Lane 97 houses >Watkins Jones
  • Park House 38 apartments and houses >Pillars Developments (this is a site designated in the Neighbourhood Development Plan)
  • Whittingham Place 61 apartments & houses >Hollinswood Homes (this is a division of Marcus Worthington that went into administration in October 2019)

There is one current application for a major development which is on a brownfield site.

  • Site of Golden Ball public house and car park for 53 apartments (block 1 for older people, block 2 for affordable housing) and 2 retail units> Midas developments

All sites are supposed to have 30% affordable dwellings: however some developers “offset” by contributing to PCC for properties to be brought back into the market or built elsewhere.

Overall Broughton had in 2011, 737 dwellings by October 2019 this was 908 by the time all the major and minor developments are completed in 2024 there will be around 2000.