Lancashire County Council has begun work on highway improvements in Broughton village. All existing road markings, including those that indicate waiting restrictions, will be removed as part of these works.

Lancashire County Council are proposing a Restricted Parking Zone, rather than reintroducing the double yellow lines. This would be clearly marked with signs at the entry and exit points, along with repeater signs within the zone.

A plan is available by clicking here, which shows the extent of the proposed Restricted Parking Zone, most of which already has waiting restrictions.

Within this zone, a No Waiting restriction would apply, except in the parking bay which is shown on the plan. Some additional restrictions are also proposed on the east side of Garstang Road and the north side of Woodplumpton Lane.

Lancashire County Council welcomes views on the Restricted Parking Zone, as this will help them develop proposals before they are formally advertised later in the year. Please email comments to before Friday 7th September 2018.