Recently, the question has been asked as to how many properties there are in Broughton and how many will there be.

The full list of planning permissions/application/appeals/pipeline can be found here but in brief:

  • Broughton had 875 properties in the 2011 census.
  • Eastway developments within the NW Preston Development area with planning permission 440 and 258 the application stage
  • Broughton Village area with planning permission 77 and 151 at the application stage
  • Appeals in Broughton Village 227
  • Pipeline developments in Broughton Village 244

So in response to the query, 1153 properties will be built in Broughton if the appeals plus planning go ahead… an increase of 125%. If those in the pipeline come to planning that boosts the total to 1397

The Parish Council has very little control of developments on Eastway, as they are part of the NW Preston development area MD1. The developments within the 'village outline', as designated in the Neighbourhood Plan, account for about 60 properties. The rest are on greenfield sites, within the Area of Separation and are not in the Preston Strategic Plan 2017.