The consultation was issued in mid-June 2020 by post and online via the website.

There were 970 (there was an issue with the delivery on Woodplumpton Lane as the wrong postcodes were issued for 25 properties, there were seven returned to the distributor) occupied properties according to the elector officer at Preston (1897 electors) within the Parish. There was a 20% response, 4% more than in 2016. The response was from all the parish but with most form the Village.

The document was in two sections the 1st related to the PAP and the 2nd to the proposed development sites, their usage and types of property.

Section 1: Specifics (to add or remove from the PAP)

Three most important issues were:

Village Community, Traffic & Lack of a pharmacy

Key concerns were:

Traffic parking, volume and speeds, dog fouling/litters/bins, state of the footpaths

What do we need?

Café, somewhere to meet, pharmacy, post office

What should the PC prioritise? (precept):

Footpaths, bins, car park, benches

Lots of comments were received; some constructive, some less so. There were offers to help with café and the village “gardening”. Lots of praise for the Village centre works, the Christmas tree, but asking why the footpath by the bus stop not weeded. The car park and its state of repair, litter, usage had a lot of comments, with several suggestions of meters or payments system.

Section 2: Development

1)     Community viewpoints

2)     Possible sites

Query with DHC as to why Rule 11 applies only for 2 years with Parish NDP but it is the full term with city, county, region plans.

a)      The current site between JTW & Broughton club

b)     The site currently designated Park & Ride site on Eastway

c)      The site used by the roadworks team on Durton Lane

d)     The landlocked site between the M6 and the “Broughton Park development of Whittingham Lane

3)     Types & numbers of dwellings

Based on the current projections from the research for the CLCS the rural parishes need to designate based on projected population for 2036. A figure of 20 a year is excessive. We are already gaining just under 1800 dwellings over the next 7 years within the Parish, however, the planning permissions already in place will not count. So for the next 5 year period, we need to designate space for 100 dwellings. Any two of the proposed sites would cover this.

What we do need to do is to talk to the developers about their actual planning applications and specify that the additional dwellings meet the criteria set out in the BNDP with priority to smaller affordable properties, properties to rent and to downsize to. One additional criteria needing adding is for “homeworking” with integrated offices and improved broadband.

The consensus of the consultation is no more - an argument I agree with given the fact that the current PP’s will build a further 1254….plus the 970 current dwellings

The consultation highlights the need for “downsize” properties, apartments and dwellings with home offices.

4)     Business support


The power-point report will be zoomed prior to the next Parish Council Meeting to a VIS…. 26/27 September?

Next Steps

  • Advice has been sought from the DHLG as whether the anomalies highlighted by PCC with the 2018 NPPF need addressing or whether they should wait for the result of the White Paper consultation and subsequent Planning Act (2021).
  • Meeting of the Review Group/Tim Brown
  • Meeting with PCC Planning, NB facilitating