Meeting 28/02/2020 @ Highways Office, Brockholes

Purpose: To discuss the issues around the speed limits and parking in Broughton Village

Present: Cllr Hastings& Brown BPC, Inspector Trotter & Peter Sculpher Traffic Police (apologies were received after the meeting from Cllr Iddon, a staff member was supposed to inform the attendees that he was unable to come but that an Officer from LCC was to attend).


Concerns of the school & local officers are around the safety of the children and pedestrians.

Concerns expressed to the council were around the issues raised above, the crossroads, non-enforcement of the 20mph limit, trucks (over the 7.5-ton limit) going through the Village and speeding. This will increase with the major residential developments on Garstang Road, Whittingham Lane & Sandygate Lane.

PS & IT had visited the area and their observations & comments were:

  • No change in road surface/height/bumps by the schools, especially around the primary school
  • No raised blocks at the crossing points so young people using the whole area where different stones were used
  • No traffic “slowing measures” such as chicanes except on Whittingham Lane
  • The police will not enforce the 20mph speed limit

Ideas & Suggestions


  • “carex” signs on the lampposts with warning messages
  • Find the Broughton SPID’s and use them on the Garstang Road (all SPID’s are now with LCC contact names given)


  • LCC Signage > Change signs at crossroads from “give way” to “stop”
  • LCC Signage > Put school signs on Garstang Road by Primary & Secondary schools (currently they are on Woodplumpton Lane & Church Lane)
  • PC to investigate in conjunction with LCC visual roadside permanent fixtures e.g. models of school children
  • LCC to start the consultation to change the speed limit between the bus stop north of the primary school entrance to the end of the cycle lane to 30mph, thus enabling the installing of movable or permanent speed cameras


  • LCC to review the current village realm works in the with a view to implementing the suggestions of the police prioritising the primary school area where is comes onto Garstang Road.