Does Broughton have a historic centre worth preserving?
Do we want to preserve the current settlement boundary?

Broughton is mentioned in the doomsday book…..it has 3 historic centres: the ancient crossroads with its coaching inns and toll bar & cottage, the parish church, school & cottage with roots in medieval times and the church and school at Fernyhalgh linked to the Ladyewell a site of pilgrimage.

Broughton will grow in the next 5 years to encompass a new area between east way and the elbow of the motorway. The village centre will no longer have a main road running through it. But do we want to preserve this Village centre?

Local lists play an essential role in building and reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness. They enable the significance of any building or site on the list to be better taken into account in planning applications and decisions affecting the building or site or its setting.

Creating a local heritage list is a way for local communities, such as ours, to identify and celebrate historic buildings, archaeological sites and designed landscapes which enrich and enliven the area.

Broughton Parish Council is making an application for a local listing. The submission documents for this applications can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Broughton Parish Council Listings Submission

Locality Heritage and Character Assessment

People and Places List (referenced in submission)