Scenes of Broughton

The story so far...

In December 2015, Broughton Parish Council agreed to apply to Preston City Council that the area of Broughton Parish be designated a Neighbourhood Area, enabling a Neighbourhood Plan to be prepared by the local community for that area.

After a lengthy period of research, community consultation drafting and reviewing - led by a local Steering Group - Broughton Neighbourhood Development Plan was formally submitted to Preston City Council on 14th March 2017, for review by an Independent Examiner. The Independent Examiner's first report was received on the 9th September 2017, which recommended revisions be made to Policy RES1, before submission for a further independent examination.

Preston City Council and Broughton Parish Council acted on the Independent Examiner's report and the plan was amended where recommended and re-submitted to Preston City Council in October 2017. This document was then superceded by a further revised version, submitted in February 2018. 

Update - August 2018

The Steering Group for the Neighbourhood Plan is delighted to announce that the Independent Examiner has now accepted the revised plan and that, on his recommendation, the cabinet of Preston City Council has agreed for the referendum to take place. This will be on October 18th 2018. Details of how to register to vote and the venue are available by clicking here.

The final version with the small modifications recommended by the examiner and agreed by the cabinet have been made to the adopted version which is available here and in printed for around the Village and on application to the clerk.

Here is some key documentation, which you may find useful in respect of the referendum process:


Combined Neighbourhood Development Plan for Broughton-in-Amounderness


Click here for all archived documents relating to the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.