Scenes of Broughton


On 12th December 2018 the Preston City Council Cabinet adopted the Broughton Neighbourhood Plan.

Combined Neighbourhood Development Plan for Broughton-in-Amounderness 2016-2026

The plan was passed by a referendum on the 18th October 2018 when 87% of the electorate (44.76% turnout) voted yes in support of the plan.

The plan now adopted will be part of the statutory development plan for Preston sitting alongside the Central Lancashire Core Strategy and will be used for the purposes of determining planning applications within the parish.

The plan will be reviewed on an annual basis by the review group. Policies will be reviewed to make sure they are aligned, once the outcome of the Central Lancashire Plan is completed (due in the Autumn of 2020).


JBA Landscape / Visual Apraisal of Small Scale Housing Sites *

JBA Strategic Environmental Assessment & Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report - Oct 17 *

* Please note: these versions, v3 for the Strategic Environmental Assessment and and v4 for the Sites Visual Appraisal, have had the RES1 map updated to include the bypass.

JBA Report Appendix 1A

JBA Report Appendix 1B

JBA Report Fig.1

JBA Report Fig.2

JBA Report Fig.3

JBA Report Fig.4

JBA Report Fig.5

JBA Report Fig.6

Historic Environment: Aecom report