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The story so far...

In December 2015, Broughton Parish Council agreed to apply to Preston City Council that the area of Broughton Parish be designated a Neighbourhood Area, enabling a Neighbourhood Plan to be prepared by the local community for that area.

After a lengthy period of research, community consultation drafting and reviewing - led by a local Steering Group - Broughton Neighbourhood Development Plan was submitted to Preston City Council on 14th March 2017, for review by an Independent Examiner. The report by the Independent Examiner was received on the 9th September 2017, which recommended revisions be made to Policy RES1, before submission for a further independent examination.

Preston City Council and Broughton Parish Council acted on the Independent Examiner's report and the plan was amended where recommended and re-submitted to Preston City Council in October 2017.

To support the amendments the Parish Council commissioned an independent report (by JBA consultants) of possible Village development sites, with a view to clarifying the village boundaries and a Strategic Environmental and Habitats regulations assessment, as additional evidence for the revised Neighbourhood Plan. This report includes a tool for the Parish Council to use in future, to appraise all significant developments using criteria from local, regional and national planning policy.

The updated Neighbourhood Plan now integrates a revised RES1 with the justification for the revisions and a number of other small changes that the independent examiner recommended. The Plans Aims and Objectives have not been changed, the key changes are in the revised RES1 policy which in the Neighbourhood Plan is part of section 8.5 Area Specific Neighbourhood Plan Housing Policies.

The October 2017 version of the Neighbourhood Plan, the updated Basic Conditions Statement and the additional reports are published below.

Latest Neighbourhood Plan news - 10/01/18

Broughton Parish Council has been advised by Preston City Council that a letter submitted by Gladmans, a speculative land agent, challenges whether the rule 14 consultation had been completed fully by the Parish Council on the amended plan before submission to Preston City Council.

As the changes to the plan were only to RES1, this was seen as amending the plan and not a new submission. However the legal officer at the City Council does not want to send the amended plan to the Independent Examiner if it will be challenged legally later. As a result the Parish Council is now to have to complete a further Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation.

This is a disappointment to the Parish Council, especially as 2 other developers are appealing against the refusal of planning permission for large developments in the village; the inquiry will be held in February.

This is the formal Regulation 14 Consultation notification.

The Regulation 14 Pre-submission document & Appendices for the Neighbourhood Plan are available for viewing or downloading below.

Statutory consultees and other interested parties will be contacted by email. If you consider yourself or your organisation to be an interested party and have not received an email please contact the parish clerk.

Comments on the plan should be sent as per the emailed instructions that you have received, or by email or letter to the clerk.

This consultation will run for six weeks until 21st February 2018.

Following this the plan will be resubmitted to Preston City Council for a further 6 weeks consultation, meaning it will be early April 2018 before the amended plan goes to the Independent Examiner.

Broughton Parish Council is grateful to the many members of our community - residents, school pupils, local businesses and commuters -as well as the advisors and consultants that have supported and contributed to this process so far. 



Cover & Contents

Sections 1-4 Foreword & Introduction

Sections 5-6 Issues, Objectives & Vision

Section 7 Natural Environment Policies

Section 8 Housing Policies

Section 9 Business & Employment Policies

Section 10 Community Facilities Policies

Section 11 Built Environment & Heritage

Section 12 Access & Infrastructure

Sections 13-16



Broughton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

Consultation Appendix D

Consultation Appendix E

Click here for supporting material mentioned in Appendix D

Click here for further archived supporting material



JBA Landscape / Visual Apraisal of Small Scale Housing Sites *

JBA Strategic Environmental Assessment & Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report - Oct 17 *

* Please note: these versions, v3 for the Strategic Environmental Assessment and and v4 for the Sites Visual Appraisal, have had the RES1 map updated to include the bypass.

JBA Report Appendix 1A

JBA Report Appendix 1B

JBA Report Fig.1

JBA Report Fig.2

JBA Report Fig.3

JBA Report Fig.4

JBA Report Fig.5

JBA Report Fig.6



Broughton Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement